The retreat rooms_

Free premises for tenants of ETAGE3 workplaces & offices_

If you are a tenant of our workstations and offices, there are 3 different retreat rooms to e.g. make a sensitive phone call, hold a video conference, watch a video tutorial or just read a good book.

Our rooms offer you exactly these possibilities.

We would like to briefly introduce you to these 3 retreat rooms, which you can use free of charge:

The forest room_

In the forest room you have a high-quality desk and ergonomic seating with an additional stool.

This room is ideal for a video conference and is regularly used as such by our tenants on the space.

The mountain room_

The mountain room is a special and possibility to switch off once in our area. A room where you can retreat for a short “power nap” or to read a book in a relaxed way.

Close the door and you have your peace and quiet to recharge your batteries.

The beach room_

The beach room invites you to dream a little. But also this retreat room with a reclining area is particularly well suited to switch off for a moment, watch a video or read a book. 

„Feel-good-Management“ is now written large in many companies – and so that you feel good with us, this room is also available for the good feeling.

Frequently asked questions about our retreat rooms_

Can I book a retreat room externally_

Nein, es ist grundsätzlich nicht möglich, unsere Rückzugsräume von Extern anzumieten. Allerdings kann in Rücksprache mit uns, mit einem Tagesticket unsere Rückzugsräume genutzt werden, da Du an diesem Tag ja ein regulärer Mieter unserer Arbeitsplätze bist. Mit dem Tagesticket kannst Du dann auch einen unserer Rückzugsräume für Dich nutzen.

How long may I occupy a retreat_

Of course, it is important that all tenants of the space can use the retreat rooms. If you need one of the rooms for more than 1-2 hours, please contact the CoWorking management. They will be happy to help you.

How can I book a retreat room as a tenant_

Via our booking portal for tenants, you can reserve and book the retreat room for you online with a calendar. This is available to you as a tenant free of charge. As soon as the room is reserved for you, this is also displayed on the tablet at the door.

Is it possible to book a retreat room even at short notice_

Yes, that is no problem. Either you book the retreat room via our portal or via the QR code which is displayed on the tablet directly at the door. You can then quickly and easily reserve the room for yourself.

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Curious now?_

The ETAGE3 team is looking forward to getting to know you.

Would you like to rent our meeting room?
Then I am at your disposal.

Perhaps you simply have a question about our rooms, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Claudia Hilbertz

Managing Director